I first fell in love with photography as a kid in summer camp; the magic of watching a print develop in a tray in the dark totally captivated me. Having the bug, a few years later I started poring over the Time Life Photography books from the local library. In fact I actually snuck them out in a vein attempt to “own” something so great, a photograph. This is where I became deeply committed to the art, after spying the likes of Penn, Avedon and Bruce Davidson. All though grade school and high school I stayed up many a night studying, reading and learning everything I could about great photographers and amazing photographs.

So as any teenager, thinking I knew it all, I went to film school. I figure I could not learn any more about photography, how silly of me! Instead I would learn about moving images; this was a completely new experience that also mesmerized me because the films I studied were Ingmar Bergman, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Michelangelo Antonioni. This is where I really derived my deep love of lighting and the use of shadow to create an emotion that helps convey a great story. Movies I had never imagined existed at the time inspired me to graduate with a degree in filmmaking.

So having the opportunity to direct now is an honor. I realize in many ways it very much like directing your subjects for a still shoot, it’s all about good communication and patience. But I must say it is definitely in my blood. Please check out this latest work for Panasonic, they asked me make a short film that highlighted the nimbleness of their 4K cameras. I hope you enjoy it!

4K Stills from the Motion Shoot

  • MG_PANASONIC_033115_4K_Still_01.jpg
  • MG_PANASONIC_033115_4K_Still_02.jpg
  • MG_PANASONIC_033115_4K_Still_07.jpg
  • MG_PANASONIC_033115_4K_Still_08.jpg