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Procter & Gamble – Case Study

Procter & Gamble – Case Study   |   MEN’S HEALTH CAMPAIGN

A gallerist, a stunt man and a kickboxer walk into a photoshoot…

I’ve had many award-winning collaborations with Jeff Griffith. (The former Creative Director at Men’s Health.) So when he was producing an ad campaign using a series of environmental real people portraits for Procter & Gamble, he asked me to create three different characters: The Gallerist, The Stunt Man and The Kickboxing Champion.

Jason van Oijen.jpg
Jason van Oijen Running.jpg
Andre Da Silva Portrait.jpg
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We featured the men doing their real jobs. But the environments we put them in and the stories we told were entirely up to us. For the two-day shoot, we made the Gallerist into a piece of art. We made the Kickboxer “fly.” And we suspended the Stunt Man 20+ floors over Manhattan. We also had to shoot our handsome athlete in the bathroom so the product photography could be dropped in. His portrait became the cover of the special ad section.