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Art Films

Michael Grecco started creating the new series Punk Art Films as an accompaniment to his traveling multi-media museum and gallery exhibition “Days of Punk.” Grecco conceived the films to offer visitors to the show more of a perspective on what “punk” means to the artists who created the movement – with its revolutionary spirit and outrageous antics – and the music. The first three films in what will be an ongoing project feature the Spanish punk band Orina. They premiered at the February 2022 opening of “Days of Punk” at La Térmica museum and cultural center in Malaga, Spain. As the exhibition travels to new destinations, artists from those local areas will be added to the film series.

Grecco says of the Punk Art Films, “So, what do you do as an active artist and commercial advertising photographer who is showing historic work from his archive? You make new work!”

Director’s Reel

“Awards and accolades are great. But the best part of being a professional photographer is we have a rare opportunity to capture, impact and create culture.”

Michael Grecco is recognized internationally for his high concept imagery, mastery of lighting, and powerful connections with his subjects in an immense body of work that encompasses fine art, commercial, celebrity portraiture, music, and editorial photography.

Grecco believes that photography has a way of conveying feelings and ideas that’s unique to the medium. “He says, “It can be used to make all kinds of things seem very enticing. As such, it’s revolutionized the way businesses promote themselves and their products to the public. Most of us likely see hundreds — if not thousands — of examples of advertising photography every day. Photography plays a massive and meaningful role in molding our individual habits as consumers.”