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Meet Michael: A Personal Photo Essay


My favorite place to take a bath: the kitchen sink.
(Although, these days it’s the Four Seasons.)
My mom taught me my fashion sense. And my “Blue Steel” look.
Is it any wonder I went into fashion photography?

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Michael…

  1. I’m Italian. Which automatically means dining, cooking and all things delicious are firmly built into my DNA. So if you’re in LA or NYC, I’ve got recos.
  2. My favorite place is anywhere with my wife and my three fabulous kids.
  3. I love all things vintage. Especially my Ducati, which lets me explore the diverse communities and subcultures of LA, sans the awful traffic.
  4. My favorite sushi spot is a hole-in-the-wall in Culver City, CA called Hamakaze. If you ever go, mention my name to Nick. Maybe he’ll whip up something special. But no promises.
  5. My son, Dakota, is a diehard gamer and tech savant who coded the eBook for my book, Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait.
  6. My daughter, Sophia, is living up to her Italian roots. She and I love to cook for the family.
  7. I’m bi-coastal. I split my time between Santa Monica, CA and NYC. But one of these days, I’d be down to live in Paris.
  8. I’m more mod than rocker…If you know what I mean.
  9. I never stop evolving my technique. But in the end, it’s emotion that creates a photograph that people will remember.
  10. I loved photography when I was a kid. And I love it more than ever now that I’m a (slightly) bigger kid.

Covering Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in a play together in Boston as a young “cub” photographer.


Covering an anti-KKK rally: The police beat the press first. What’s wrong with this picture?


In the pool with my daughters Sophia and Zoey Rose.


Doing a restaurant tour in Paris, via Vespa, with my daughter Sophia.


One of my favorite days! Getting to listen to icon David Crosby play during a photoshoot!

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A Few Words From Michael…

  • I’m passionate about all things art…especially fine arts and photography. (Duh.)
  • I like to hang out and collaborate with other creative people because they’re not afraid to embrace the weird.
  • My peers have called me “a master of light.” And while I feel a little chest poundy putting that here, it’s a compliment I take to heart and try to live up to every day.
  • Awards and accolades are great. But the best part of being a professional photographer is we have a rare opportunity to capture, impact and create culture.
  • I have no reason to hoard trade secrets. I love the commercial photography business. And the more we share our successes and failures, the better we are as an industry.
  • As a Hasselblad Master – their word, not mine – I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world, speak at conferences and share my insights and techniques with the next generation of photographers.
  • I’ve published several best-selling books about my signature lighting techniques.
  • I never break rules for the hell of it. I break rules in order to create evocative, cinematic images. So let’s get together and break some rules.

Michael Grecco