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Panasonic   |   FOREVER YOUNG

Golden years and golden hours.

When Panasonic released their GH4 camera, they asked me to produce a launch video showing off its 4K motion footage. Panasonic gave me freedom to do what I wanted. So I created a long-form car spot that not only highlighted the technical advantages of the camera and also allowed us to do drone aerials, camera mounts and shoot car-to-car with a gimbal.

  • Forever Young by professional photographer Michael Grecco

The challenge was how to incorporate the attributes of the camera while telling the story. And since “how the story is made” was just as important as the story itself, we figured, why not make the behind-the-scenes video part of the credits? That way, if someone doesn’t see the BTS, they still get a sense of the GH4’s abilities.

Forever Young by professional photographer Michael Grecco
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You can see the final film in its entirety here.