I recently spoke at the Brazilian National Photography Congress in Sao Paulo. The event was held in one of the modernist buildings of the Memorial da America Latina in the heart of the city. The text and images below are my impressions of the city over my four day stay.


I love the color and the textures of Sao Paulo, created by the starkly contrasting light. The sun is either bright, hot and white, or orange and heavy like butter. The bright light exposes the citys color lines and contrasts. There are people in the street with red hair, bright clothes and a patterned backpack, or red buses, red sidewalks, and blue fountains that fill my vision. The heavy light from rain or the sunset mutes the colors into a series of patterns. The rain makes an abstract symphony of the telephone lines of the city, or the late heavy sky helps shape the buildings from my window (and the tar on the street).‚ -Michael


A fountain outside a store downtown with a flier of Brazilian President-elect Dilma Vana Rousseff, stuck to the tiles.


A passer by walks across brightly colored access panels on the downtown Sao Paulo streets.


A red bus intersects a subway station that reflects the clouds in downtown Sao Paulo.


A rainy street in a suburban neighborhood.


A pattern in the tar outside the Memorial da America Latina.


The view from my hotel room at sunset.