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There’s no shortage of inspiration in the city that never sleeps and I find it to be a professional photographer’s playground. The city known for the Madison Avenue marketing hot shots, fashion week, and the Met Gala, is the center of the fashion and advertising universe. It demands a LOT from the photographers who work there. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the city’s biggest names and venues, and I am ready for whatever NYC throws at me.

Anybody who’s been to Times Square knows that when it comes to advertising, nobody does it like New York City. An advertiser’s concept is only as good as the advertising photographer who captures their vision. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of brands and business within the advertising photography landscape. This has equipped me with both the knowledge and resources needed to turn ideas into realities. My mixed portfolio of work includes advertising photos ranging anywhere from automotive and fine art collections to fashion catalogues and magazine cover shoots.
I have always appreciated fashion, but it wasn't until I began photographing it professionally as a fashion photographer, that I became obsessed. To truly succeed in this crowded landscape, fashion photographers must be experts in both the art of photography and the lifestyle that is fashion. I’ve worked with everyone from emerging designers to industry moguls and I can bring out the best in your work.
Fine Art
Fine Art Photography is another prevalent sub-genre of photography. With fine art, the goal is to tell a story. It requires humility and skill to capture art where the subject is another artist’s art. Using signature techniques, proper framing, composition, and color palettes, we can create fine art photos that enhance the work without altering it.
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Michael Grecco

If you like my work and agree with my approach, let’s talk about your ideas. I’m ready to collaborate and create something beautiful.