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Sports photography is a lot like celebrity photography. The athletes’ schedules are just as tight. I’m usually required to shoot around their training schedules. Which means there’s a lot of waiting around and then suddenly – with little warning – it’s go time. And also like celebrities, their image is extremely important. Some athletes make as much or more money off the field than they do on it. So it’s my job to show them in a new light and enhance that image.
Of course, there are real differences as well.
Of course, there are real differences as well. The locations, personalities and technical challenges with sports photography are as diverse as the sports themselves.
I need a different lighting approach for a female figure skater than I do for a 250-pound linebacker. I need a different technical approach when I’m at the bottom of the pool shooting an Olympic swimmer than I do shooting an NBA basketball player.
I want to tell the athlete’s story in a real, authentic way.
I want to tell the athlete’s story in a real, authentic way. So before every sports photography shoot, I do my research.
I get to know the athlete. I do my best to accommodate their needs and make them feel comfortable – and excited – about the photoshoot.
Sports Photography requires me to
Be a storyteller.
Be a storyteller.
I started my career as a photojournalist. And as a sports photographer, it’s my job to reveal a piece of the athlete’s story in a way that hasn’t already been done a million times over.
Be versatile.
Be versatile.
Making an athlete look heroic and dramatic is all about the lighting. But athletes come in all shapes and sizes. While male athletes often look great in harsher lighting with lots of specular highlights, with women, it’s usually more of a balance of soft and hard light.
Be efficient.
Be efficient.
As I already stated, athletes have tight schedules. Sometimes – especially during the season – they’re in five different cities in a week. Years of experience has taught me what works and what doesn’t. So now, I intuitively know how to avoid the kinds of problems that might slow down someone with less experience.
Michael Grecco

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