Photography in The Fashion Industry: From Runway to Real-Time

The age of the social media influencer and the maturing digital photography age has created a metamorphosis for photography in the fashion industry. Digital photography has transformed the runway presentation for invited guests into a real-time social media event. The blazing speed of digital photography innovations and the meteoric rise of social media changed fashion and photography simultaneously.

From Four Weeks to INSTANT

Fashion designers in the age of social media no longer wait weeks for a handful of influential fashion magazines to print and pass judgment on their latest designs. Today digital photography allows runway shows to be seen and judged not only in real time but also by a vastly expanded audience. Feedback from consumers across social media platforms begins to influence consumer behavior before the model completes its turn on the runway.

Row of professional photographers with digital cameras capturing a fashion event.

In the digital age, everyone always has a camera with them and instant access to commentary. Before the digital age runway fashion shows were photographed by a handful of professionals who were allowed to roam the show. W, Elle, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and other fashion magazines would wait for the pictures from photographers that editors selected for print. It could be as long as a four-week process depending on publication dates. In the era of digital photography and social media, fashion show pictures are nearly instant.

High-Resolution Photography

Everyone is a photographer in their own way in the digital and social media era, just as everyone is a critic with their ability to leave instant reviews. There is still a difference between clicking stars and writing a proper review, just as there is a difference between sharing images on a social media platform and high-resolution photography.

Audience member capturing a runway model with a smartphone at a fashion show.

True, a camera in every hand has revolutionized the fashion show. Runway shows that were once photographed by a handful of professional photographers are now captured by the entire audience. Digital images can quickly be edited with the advanced features of cell phones.

The professional photographer has an advantage with equipment that can capture high-resolution images, edit them, and deliver them instantly. Fashion photographers know the importance of framing, lighting, and angles to capture the intricacies of life in photos. The professional photographer is also skilled and versed in editing techniques. A professional fashion photographer can turn an image into an abstract work of art or a historical image of a time and place.

Fashion for All

The fashion industry embraces the democratized immediacy of instant social media postings by influencers. At the same time, the writers, designers, and publishers of the fashion world look to professional photographers to capture the shows with authenticity. Digital photography and on-the-spot editing software have changed the fashion world.

Fashion designers welcome every person photographers at their shows and most encourage clicking photos. They recognize that a professional fashion photographer is still essential for a successful unveiling of their latest collections. Social media photographers and influencers provide instant coverage, professional photography provides enduring images.

The digital age of INSTANT has declared that fashion is for all.