A Duet of Artistry at the Leica Gallery

Michael Grecco & Elizabeth Waterman: A Duet of Artistry at the Leica Gallery

When two dynamic fine art photographers decide to showcase their work side by side, you know you’re in for a visual treat. Michael Grecco and Elizabeth Waterman, both prominent Los Angeles-based fine art photographers (and an artistic power couple, might we add) are gearing up to delight us with their unique insights into two very different subcultures.

Members of the band the B52's

BOSTON – 1980: Members of the band the B52’s, Keith Strickland, Fred Schnider, Cindy Wilson, Kate Pierson and Ricky Wilson, pose for a photo backstage at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, MA. (Photo by Michael Grecco)

Grecco’s “DAYS OF PUNK”: A Trip Back to Raw Energy

Michael’s journey into punk began in the Boston music scenes between 1978 and 1991. His captivating multimedia exhibition, “DAYS OF PUNK”, is an exploration into punk music’s raw energy and rebellious culture. While it premiered at Photo London in late 2021, LA is gearing up for its debut showing at the Leica Gallery in West Hollywood.

Ever the club kid, Grecco imprinted himself into the punk scene both as its recorder and as a fervent participant. Some of these photos remained hidden for decades, only to be brought into the light by his archivist. This hidden treasure was transformed into his best-selling book, Punk, Post Punk, New Wave: Onstage, Backstage, In Your Face, 1978–1991. Through his images, we see icons like The Clash, Devo, The B-52s, and many more. The exhibition promises to be an immersive experience, offering not just photographs but also related soundscapes produced alongside the cult band Mission of Burma.

BANGKOK FILM from Elizabeth Waterman’s newest exhibition, MONEYGAME

Waterman’s “MONEYGAME”: Behind the Glitz of the Strip Clubs

Elizabeth Waterman brings a contrasting yet equally profound collection to the gallery. “MONEYGAME” is a deep dive into the world of strippers in the US. Over five years, Waterman frequented nightclubs in cities like New York, Miami, and Las Vegas. The trust and intimacy she fostered with her subjects are evident in every shot, whether it’s an onstage performance, a backstage rest, or a candid makeup session.

Elizabeth offers a fresh, empathetic female perspective on the lives of these women, some of whom use their earnings to pay off debts, provide for their families, or even launch businesses. She has also extended her portfolio internationally, capturing images in Bangkok and giving voice to trans and plus-size stripper communities.

The Grand Opening

Curated by Paris Chong, the Leica Gallery Los Angeles Director, the two exhibitions open their doors on September 24 with an artists’ reception from 6-8PM. If you’re keen on experiencing this blend of cultures, you can catch the shows until November 5.

Members of the English punk rock band The Clash; Nicky, “Topper” Headon, Joe Strummer, Bassist Paul Simonon, and Mick Jones pose for a portrait back stage in Boston, Massachusetts on May 05, 31.

A Few Words from the Maestros

“The spirit of Punk was extraordinary. As you look at these images, I hope you also get touched by its infectious freedom,” shares Michael Grecco about his collection. Elizabeth Waterman, speaking of her experiences while curating “MONEYGAME”, mentions, “I’ve taken on some of their audacity.”

Michael Grecco and Elizabeth Waterman, Los Angeles, 2023 [photo by Heather Koepp]

More About the Artists

Michael Grecco, originally from New York City, began his photography career in Boston. He’s celebrated internationally for his compelling celebrity portraits, music photography, advertising photography, and more. He’s contributed his works to revered publications like Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone.

Elizabeth Waterman hails from Taos, New Mexico, and has a rich history in documenting artists and performers across a spectrum of genres. Her evocative, cinematic style beautifully captures stories that lie beneath the surface.

This art-filled autumn promises to be an experience that LA won’t forget in a hurry. So, mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss out on this dual extravaganza at the Leica Gallery.