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Advertising photography is the most demanding sub-genre of commercial photography. A host of influences converge in one image: the photographer’s creativity, the art director’s vision, the client’s demands, the brand’s identity. Navigating this terrain to deliver brand-defining visuals is a specialty I’ve developed over 30-plus years as a professional photographer.
Fine-art and advertising photography share substantial DNA, with one crucial difference.
Fine-art and advertising photography share substantial DNA, with one crucial difference. Art creates meaning through interpretation; advertising photography fails without a clearly defined message.
Advertising photography — at its best — is evocative and profound, creates connection, just like its cousin. The difference: the goal. Foundational to my work is deep appreciation for creating imagery that elevates the viewer experience while remaining true to and delivering on purpose.
Advertising photographers bring their own vision.
Advertising photographers bring their own vision. I meld my own vision with every client’s needs.
When you view my work there’s an obvious throughline — regardless of subject, composition or purpose. I’m world-renowned for, and have written several best-selling books on, my signature lighting techniques. Every professional photographer offers a unique skillset as their default. I ensure that my vision matches yours.
Advertising Photography requires me to
Be collaborative.
Be collaborative.
Advertising photography, by its nature, is a team play. I bring creative wisdom to every project but listen and respond to brand direction because your success is mine.
Be unique.
Be unique.
With smartphone technology, ours is a world overfilled with photography. My work breaks through that visual noise to deliver brand-defining imagery.
Be everywhere.
Be everywhere.
Consumers don’t respond to images and messages they’ve seen before. Great advertising photographers have to be brave, go out on a limb and bring something new to the table. It’s not enough to just execute the art director’s vision. I have to add to it. Bring it to life. All while injecting my own creative vision into the final images.
Michael Grecco

I’ve photographed from New York to Los Angeles — across the globe — for automotivefashionfine artadvertisingsports and celebrities. Whatever you need and wherever you are, I’ll bring my best.


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