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The world of professional photography is no monolith; it’s a stained glass window — vibrant and varied, composed of myriad sparkling subfields. Each photography specialty is magnificently unique, and draws on a different set of talents and expertise. Let’s take some time to examine the attributes and intricacies of a few of photography’s more common genres. 

Advertising Photography
Advertising photography is all about convincing consumers to buy what you’re selling. While this may sound a bit cold and corporate, high level advertising photography actually requires a deep understanding of human nature. We’re sentimental creatures; any marketing expert will tell you that the best way to catch a customer is by appealing to their feelings. Ergo, professional advertising photographers must know exactly how to evoke specific moods and emotions with their work if they want to achieve their commercial mission.   

Automotive Photography
Automotive photography is, of course, a subset of advertising photography, as the aim is generally to sell a vehicle. However, it presents so many unique challenges that it only makes sense to count it in a class of its own. Automotive photographers must have the technical mastery required to shoot a ridiculously reflective subject in the outdoors — a situation in which achieving the perfect lighting is both essential and extremely difficult. 

Celebrity Photography
Celebrity photography is not a career for the faint of heart. Image is everything to an A-lister, linked as it is to their livelihood. Celebrities are not likely to entrust a task as important as presenting them to the public to just anyone. Celebrity photographers must have the confidence and people skills necessary for working well with big (occasionally intimidating) personalities, and the creativity and vision required to do their subjects justice. 

Fine Art Photography
Fine art photography is all about telling a story. Granted, that’s not a hugely distinguishing feature when you remember that every genre of photography is, on a base level, a form of storytelling. The difference lies in the type of story being told. Fine art photographers don’t peddle products or personal brands; they operate in a more conceptual sphere, dealing in themes and ideas rather than goods and services. 

Fashion Photography
Fashion photography sits at the confluence of art and advertising. Fashion is a form of artistic expression, but it’s also a commodity to be sold, and fashion photographers must be able to reflect this in their work. A well-composed shot by a fashion photographer should delight and excite the imagination while showcasing a designer’s work in the most flattering way possible. Fashion photography is about creativity and commerce in equal measure. 

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